Go Expert 7" problem with logging into the service MyDrive

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I have a new Go Expert 7 "(4YB70) navigation.
I can't log in to MyDrive from this device, an 'Unavailable' message appears. At the same time, the smartphone application works properly, I log in without any problems.


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    Hi @m_p_13

    I have the same device and exactly the same problem. Did you get the issue resolved?

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    Re the GO Discover, Expert etc... models....
    For the initial registration of the device to your account... You need to connect the device over Wi-Fi....
    For ALL Map Installs & Map updates, the device >> MUST << be connected over Wi-Fi....
    Check... Tap on the 3 line 'Hamburger Icon' --> Setting --> System --> About....
    Scroll down to Data Connection....
    What does the device report???
    There are 2 Data Connections that when active can have a higher connection priority and can disable the Wi-Fi Connection....
    (1)... Are you at home with your GO Expert connected to a USB port on your PC for a power supply + MyDrive connect running on your PC ???
    The USB connection will take priority over the Wi-Fi connection....

    Disconnect the USB Lead from your PC....
    Note... If you need to power the device, when checking the Wi-Fi Connections, use something like a Mains USB Charger or a SmartPhone USB charger with the original Tomtom Power lead...

    (2)... An active Bluetooth/Phone connection.... may also take priority over the Wi-Fi connection...

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM