TomTom GO 6000 map update 6.5 GB stuck in mydrive connect version no.

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tomtom go 6000 (purchased in 2013) serial number starting with QQ:
map update europe 6.5 GB no longer possible, my drive connect ( ) hangs, removal of existing europe map from internal memory not possible, option to choose the SD card in mydrive connect is missing.
no longer recognizes external SD card 32 GB, small map update < 1 MB still works.

Is my tomtom go 6000 end of lifetime in terms of map updates?
Real-time traffic no longer works either.
Is this an error in tomtom mydrive connect software, previous software version tomtom mydrive connect I could choose to install a major Europe map update on the SD card.
A search on the internet shows that tomtom Start models can no longer be updated (too little memory), but my tomtom has a different serial number starting with QQ
Tried to reset TomTom, this does not solve the problem.

It seems like the latest mydrive connect software version is not working properly, is there a website link to historical/older mydrive connect software downloads available?
Thank you for your support.

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    Your Go 6000 is not at the end of its life install a small map on the internal memory then format your SD with the computer insert the SD in the GPS to reformat it try again to install the Europe map.

    Le trafic en temps réel ne fonctionne plus.
    Factory reset the device.

    still a problem come back later moderator @VikramK will review your account
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    removed europe map from internal memory
    card not available message on go 6000
    reinstalled europe map (8304 MB v10.85) on SD Card ( about 1 hour )
    tomtom go 6000 europe card starts up normally
    factory reset
    tomtom services logon
    problems connecting to tomtom services / try again later ( went outside / tried again about 10 times / cloudy day light rain )

    connected to PC: TomTom Services
    Network status: connected
    Traffic info (Verkeersinfo): activated
    TomTom services temporary not available / try again later
    TomTom services temporary not available / try again later
    MyDrive working correctly
    Perhaps TomTom can solve this realtime traffic issue remotely for my account [email protected], thank you in advance, or perhaps this is a weather related issue.

    Outside ( not connected to PC )
    tomtom services
    can not login to user account [email protected] (although tomtom reset message mentioned I could activate tomtom services afterwards)
    GPRS-status: No connection

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