Live updates and services not showing in car without wi-fi

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Just bought a basic GO device and LIVE updates subscription. The live updates don't seem to work in the car - says no wi-fi. Surely I don't need wi-fi or mobile to have this activated, I assumed it works using GPS. Could anyone help?


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    See page 15 of the manual
    Why do I want to connect a smartphone to my device?
    If you don't have an always-connected device, connect your smartphone to your TomTom GO BASIC
    to use these features:
     TomTom services
    Receive real-time traffic information, speed camera updates and TomTom MyDrive using your
    phone’s data connection. This feature uses approximately 7 MB of data per month.
     Smartphone messages
    SMS and messages from other messaging apps on your smartphone appear on your TomTom GO.
    Messages can be read aloud so that you can keep your eyes on the road ahead.