Tom Tom Go Camper and What 3 Words

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Can anyone tell me how to use what three words on my TT Go Camper? I have used mapcodes which isn’t very friendly for specific obscure addresses.


  • Lost_Soul
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    Hi @Nickyrockstoo

    What3words does not as far as I am aware work on any of our PND devices - It will link to the TT Go App though.

    I use Mapcodes all the time for rural locations, you do have to do a bit of detective work sometimes to find the exact location you require but that would be exactly the same as What3 words. I use Google Streetview / Google Earth to locate, for example a house which is named instead of numbered or find a Village Hall or business which may located on a field etc.

    Mapcodes can be used on all our devices and can navigate to within yards.