RIDER will just not connect please help

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Like many before me..... I have read every post and no matter how many hard or soft resets, cables, different pc's/laptops, new mydrive installations, order of connection - everything! It just always says not connected.
From the time I first purchased this device I have had the problem, but just used it as is with original maps. Now with the opportunity to travel again I am trying to update maps and cameras but just will not connect. Please find me a solution as this is soooo frustrating.
S/N: KExxxxxxxxxx01

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    Check with support if its faulty peice
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    For the KE device you have to use a PC with MyDrive Connect. Connect Rider with USB cable to PC to upgrade.

    Use a direct USB port an original cable. (No USB hub)

    Sometimes antivirus software can give problems. Maybe you have to temporarily disable AV to test this.
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    For those who replied, thank you - in the end a faulty cable out of the box! I had tried other non genuine and hit the same problem but for a different reason. Hopefully this helps someone else try a second original cable instead.

    For the mod, thanks, I don't consider serial numbers as personal information, definitely not defined as that in the Australian Privacy Act, but hey this is your forum and respect that. For what it is worth in terms of etiquette, and please see this as constructive, and exclamation after the Thanks! is a little bit exclamationary and can be interpreted in many ways - a full stop in this instance can only be seen as polite. Cheers.