Build-in TomTom Carminat reboots continously

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I am driving a Renaul Clio 3 from 2011 fro some 5 years now.
All of a sudden my build-in navigation system has issues.
When I'm starting the car it's loading the system, I get the usual message to accept.
After that it's loading my TomTom and GPS is trying to connect with sattelite to check the current location.
From that point it takes 3 seconds when system is starting up again.
I made a back-up of my SD card, formatted it as FAT32, reinstalled everything and tried it again. But everytime it crashes and restarting again, driving me crazy.
The Renault dealer has also look after it and reinstalled software, they've also disconnected the power and tried a new SD card with latest TomTom software (map version 10.65) on it, but nothing turns out te be a solution. What else can I do or should I consider it as lost, appreciate some help and advise in here.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Henrico1981
    Welcome to the community! I doubt if it's a problem caused due to the old version of the map, but we can try reinstalling a different version and check if it works. I have activated a different map version on your account.
    Could you follow the steps advised below--

  • Henrico1981
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    Hi Vikram,

    Many thanks for your advise and support.

    I did undertake the actions as you have described, but unfortunately as you already expected this didn't work out.
    It still reboots everytime when it has loaded the system and trying to connect with the GPS.

    I got myself a 2nd hand carminat from a damaged/scrapped Clio.
    On my latest action I will try to have the GPS unit replaced and see if this will do the job.

    Best Regards,