Rider 550 - not displaying speed cameras

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In July 2021 I’ve bought the Rider 550 PREMIUM PACK.
I’ve went for the premium pack because of the speed cameras which are not displayed on the device.
On 02.04.2022. I did my second update.
I double checked the Settings/Sounds and warnings and it says Thad they are showed on the screen.
In MyDrive App the speed cameras are installed and the subscription is still valid.
I’ve also did the soft reset after the update.
After all of this I am still not getting the speed cameras on the screen and I know exactly where they should be here in my hometown.

Am I doing something wrong here or is it common issue?

Thank you for your answer in advance



  • Willy875
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    On Mydrive connect, delete the speed cameras then reinstall them.
  • boris0905
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    Thanks for your quick answer. I got the cameras on the display but not for all the countries. For example I don’t have any cameras for Croatia or for example Greece (where I plan to travel soon).
    Can’t get on top of this problem the whole day.

    Also I installed the free trial version of the TomTom app on my phone and it is showing me all the cameras (in Croatia also)