Missing road- and exit-numbers on Android Auto

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Not sure if this was already addressed, but until the zoom and pan was released for TomTom I used Amigo on Android Auto.

On Amigo you see road- and exit-numbers next to the street name. This helps identifying where you need to go.

I know that both apps are developed on different platforms, but it would be a huge improvement to have this on TomTom as well. Maybe not the same as Amigo, but at least somewhere on the screen. :)




  • rider1rider
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    may be write as feedback in email
  • lampard
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    Thanks, @Brainsie!

    It is already marked as an improvement request for Android Auto's 'Next instruction panel'. We'll post back here once there's an update.

    Best, lampard
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    I would like to say this is also something I am really looking for.

    So many other Android Auto GPS apps, including Amigo, Here WeGo, and Waze already are able to show the Exit numbers.

    Yes, I love the Navigation bar showing on the right-hand side of the screen in Android Auto, and how it was able to show me an upcoming Rest stop on a USA interstate.
    Impressed my Wife with that!

    But without the Exit numbers it is just not as easy to use as other Free Android Auto GPS apps.

    Thanks and looking forward to an updates.