Bluetooth not staying connected

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Using iPhone 13 Pro Max with TomTom Premium x, problem is the bluetooth on the 'smart messaging' side will not stay connected, I have tried TomTom support !!, Have deleted every thing on iPhone and done reset on device, it will work but for only 30 seconds max, the smart messaging icon then disappears and will not reconnect, just says 'unable to connect', anybody any idea what may be the cause and is there a solution


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Davidwharlley

    Since the introduction of IOS13 the inclusion of the My Drive App when connecting via Bluetooth has not been possible. Now you connect via Bluetooth, without any involvement of the My Drive App, but you need the Personal Hotspot setting on your phone turned on for the pairing and whenever you are using the TT device. Connecting now means that the Handsfree should work but the absence of My Drive App connection in the pairing process means that messaging is no longer available. The My Drive App will work as normally ie sending routes etcetera