Missing features on Android Auto (GO Navigation App)

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  • Route bar Available with version 3.5.0
  • Information about lack of connectivity to the traffic server
  • Possibility to display street name in speed bubble area, contacts, and permanent POIs on Android Auto head unit
  • Option to remove next waypoint along the route while using Android Auto head unit
  • Next instruction panel
    - Road shields support
    - Tollgate support
    - Straight on instruction (shown when the next instruction is too far away)
    - Chained instruction support
    - Exit numbers on highways
  • Route planning:
    - Delay information to route preview
    - Cost model indicator to route preview
    - Tollgates, car/ferry trains, unpaved sections, carpool lanes, and/or tunnels
    - Timezone information to route preview
    - Arrival panel on Android Auto
    - Alternative route option
    - Traffic delay in the ETA panel (bottom left panel)

All these features are internally reported and being worked upon.
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