Hi any advice on the best way to input eircodes on the mydrive app?

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The mydrive not finding some eircodes using the mydrive app. I am using Mydrive on a computer with my TomTom Go Discover 7" connected via the usb. For example I wanted to send the address for the Kingsley Hotel in Cork (T12 P680) but when I search the eircode, it only come sup with the road (CARRIGROHANE ROAD) and incomplete eircode T12 which is inaccurate. For example, when I input T12 P680 on google maps on my iphone it finds the exact address and I can even see the picture of the hotel. Other examples are residential addresses where when I input the eircode, it's coming up with generic address in the area but incorrect. I am concerned by this because when I was driving in Cork over the weekend, the Go Discover provided completely incorrect directions and I had to use Google maps which was a lifesaver.

Any help would be much appreciated as the model cost me €360 so I would love to get it working perfectly.


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    seems like map problem.
    full ericode on discover gives CARRIGROHANE ROAD as result