Cannot Update Europe Map on Go 60

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I'm not a TomTom user myself - the device belongs to a friend & I've been trying for 2 weeks now to update his Europe map which is about 6 years out of date. To minimise the space required, I selected one of the smallest useful European maps, W Europe, about 2Gb smaller than the full Europe map. In the MyDrive Connect Windows app it tells me I don't have enough room. The existing content is just the old map and all the language voice files. I've been into the option to remove selected content. If I select the map and accept the warning it does nothing. If I select 1 or 2 unwanted voice files, it removes them correctly and the GO shows the update happening. At no other stage does the GO ever indicate it is communicating with the Windows app. I bought an 8Gb SD card, which is correctly shown in the app, but it made no difference to the update. I reset the GO, but it made no difference. I have re-downloaded and reinstalled the MyDrive app multiple times, on my desktop and my laptop and on my friend's laptop. The app indicates the map download phase, but never the writing to the GO phase. Removal of the voice file is the only indication I've ever had that the device is actually responding to the app. I'm told my friend has lifetime map updates, and I presume if he did not there would be some indication to that effect when downloading or when trying to upload the map.

So as a non TomTom user, I've tried everything I can think of and you guys are my last resort to help me figure out what's happening. Help!