The TomTom Go usb ports are defective - won't stay connected to charge

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Both the USB port on the back of the Go Navigator, as well as the identical port on the dashboard mount, are so poorly designed that the USB cables wont stay connected to charge. Not even indoors, let slone in a moving car. Coupled with the inferior battery in the new models, this renders the device useless, as well as dangerous, because it wont charge or hold a charge. The problem is the same with the supplied cable as well as others i have tried (which have no problem having a snug fit with other devices - just not TT. Are replacement cables (or batteries) supplied? Any other workarounds?


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    which new navigator?
    your account shows go730 which is eol
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    Are you talking about the very early NAV2 GO 730 in your profile?
    What are the 1st 2 characters of the serial number/s ??? (Only post the 1st 2 Characters)
    The first two letters define the Tomtom Model... i.e... J3 & J4 are End of life

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