G6000 boots to text screen when on Car Windscreen mount

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I have a GO 6000 purchased around 2014. It is up to date with OS and EU maps with additional 16GB memory installed. For several months when placed on to the car mount, it reboots to a text [OS] screen (white text on black) showing details of the OS version and installed hardware. It then reboots in a loop every few seconds to the same screen.
If not on the car mount and powered from its battery or if powered from the USB cable that comes with the car mount, it works normally. If on the mount, a short or long press of the power button does not resolve the problem reliably.

Thinking that the battery was dying, I replaced it successfully. I thought this had cured the problem but it has not.

Is there a proper solution to this problem? What is the magic pin on the multiway connector that causes the problem?

The obvious solution is to buy a cheap phone mount and power the GO6000 directly. The other obvious solution is to throw the GO 6000 in the bin and use a mobile phone.

Any suggestions welcomed.

Regards, JTE