Misplaced instruction Arrows and irretading Sky Amigo Beta 8.346

Lochfrass Posts: 17,774
App version: 8.346.0 (12111) Open Beta
Nav Engine: 0.2.931
Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy A51

The instruction Arrows are misplaced.
The first instruction arrow and the second after the start of a route usually fit. Then they become more and more distant in the map.
The instruction at the bottom always fits. Only in the map the arrow is displayed incorrectly.
See at 2:00 and 2:55
In night mode, I find the construction of the map in the upper area too slow. This creates a bright sky which can be irritating when driving.


  • lampard
    lampard Administrators Posts: 5,964
    Thanks, @Lochfrass! Justyna already forwarded this to the team and there's an open ticket for this issue now. I'll post back here once there's any update on this.

    Best, lampard

  • Lochfrass
    Lochfrass Posts: 17,774
    After the last 2 updates, the map display was no longer behind. I have then made a complete reinstallation and since then everything is fine.
    The arrows are in the right place, the map runs smoothly and the sky is also continuous.
    Somehow the cache data had inflated excessively. Now everything is fine.