Start 25 Update no map update offered

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I would like to update my start 25 device. (BLxxxxxxx42). This was purchased with free lifetime updates. When I try to update the only update options are paid ones. They should be free

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  • VikramK
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    Hi @KWICS
    Welcome to the community! I had a quick look at your account and I don't see any issues with map update services on your account.
    Could you remove the memory card, soft reset the device and check for updates in MyDrive Connect?

    Soft reset-

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    I'm a bit reluctant to reset. I installed the latest updates and a new memory card about 11 months ago, so don't want to lose that. The updates page can see my Tom tom and knows it needs an update, I'm at version 10.7 and 10.85, the problem is it only gives me paid options to update, Annual at £44.95 or one off at 39.95. Updates have always been free of charge as the device came with lifetime updates
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    Hi @KWICS

    A Soft Reset does not change the operating System or Maps currently on your unit but tidies up what is on there. For example it is a good idea to do a Soft Reset after any updates you download. Once you have completed a Soft Reset the unit starts up normally unlike a Factory Reset where you will have to set it up as you did when you first got the unit.

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    As far as I'm aware If you use the default MyDrive Connect menu structure to update the device....
    Then MyDrive Connect only monitor's the 'Active Map'....
    See... MyDrive Connect NOT offering the latest Map update....

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