Lifetime Maps - no longer lifetime

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I have a Go 5000 which I purchased with lifetime maps and speed camera alerts. Gone on today and can no longer update maps. Have to buy a new lifetime maps that now has a limit applied which it DID NOT on the original. The machine is till supported so think this is not on.

I did a online chat and they logged onto my satnav and told me my maps are corrupted and I now need to pay £120 for 3 years or 180 for lifetime maps.

Not impressed.


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    I'm not sure if it was Tomtom customer service that answered you?

    it looks like you are dealing with a scam?

    lifetime cards are available for life.

    Come back later, moderator @VikramK will review your account and assign you the card.
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    Hi @SadJagMan
    As Willy875 said, that was not a genuine TomTom help site you visited. Please see this support article, where you will find steps to contact our customer service team

    I reviewed the services for your TomTom GO 5000 and I see the map updates are active for your TomTom.
    Could you remove the memory card, and try installing a smaller region map on the internal memory of the device?

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    Dear Vikram

    It would appear my apologies are in order - sorry. I have successfully been able to update my maps, but this was through the MyDrive and not through the web browser.

    I obviously fell for the scam.

    Many thanks your and Willy875 help.
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    I also have an older, but very reliable Tom Tom which was sold with "Lifetime maps." I now discover that the "Lifetime" part of the deal means the Tom Tom's expected life and not mine, and I am being asked to stump up over £250 for a replacement or my maps will continue to be out of date. I cannot afford to pay for another device which might expire before I do. Trading standards say that "Lifetime" should mean whichever expires first (ie breaks down or dies) and that I have a case for the courts to decide unless Tom Tom either brings the maps up to date on my device or supplies a replacement which is up to date.
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    Welcome to the site....
    What are the 1st 2 characters of the device serial number ???
    (Only post the 1st 2 Characters) The first two letters define the Tomtom Model...

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi @MervynH

    Tomtom are still providing lifetime maps on units that have been declared obsolete so you earlier unit should still be eligible