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Hi everyone! I've just started using TomTom GO on my Android phone a couple of weeks ago and I have to say, I really missed a proper GPS Navigation app layout ever since I started using other navigation apps years ago. I really enjoy the proper 3D visual lane guidance and customizable Route Bar, as well as the clean and large navigation options; however, I can't get over the absolutely atrocious quality of the computerized voices and the limitations of the recorded voices. The voices themselves are robotic and hard to listen to compared to those on other apps (especially the classic Samantha voice), and the instructions they provide are structured in an unnatural way, with audial lane guidance and exits placed at the end of these voice prompts instead of at the start of the sentence. I am not sure if this is only an issue in the U.S. or if it stretches out internationally, but for a paid app, it seems like something that should be considered. Below are some examples of current prompts and my proposed revisions to them from my usual trips to and from home...

TomTom GO: Turn right, Springtree Drive
My version: Turn right at Springtree Drive

TomTom GO: After half-mile, turn left, Farmview Road
My version: After/In half a mile, turn left at Farmview Road

TomTom GO: Turn right, then take the freeway
My version (regional): Turn right, then take the interstate/highway

TomTom GO: Follow Interstate Highway 24 East for 7 miles
My version: Follow I-24 East for 7 miles

TomTom GO: After 2 miles, keep left... Follow signs for Memphis
My version (signs-based): In two miles, keep left - follow signs for Memphis.
My version (lane-based): Use the left two lanes to stay on 1-24 East.

TomTom GO: After 12 miles, take the exit right, 178, follow signs towards "Cattanooga" (not a typo)
My version: In 12 miles, take exit 178 towards Chattanooga.
My version (for Left Exits): In 2 miles, take exit 178 on the left towards Chattanooga.

Note that these prompts are taken from a route preview in TomTom GO using the Samantha (U.S.) voice. Some road names have been altered to avoid giving away my neighborhood, but all other parts have been kept the same.

I also noticed that some of these issues were entirely based on the region for the voice (for example, the U.K. voice had trouble pronouncing and reading some of the roads and signs in my area of the U.S., and while I understand this, I also believe this leaves a bit too little variety for voices. The fact that recorded voices are only available in yards instead of feet makes it more difficult to use them over voices that are capable of reading instructions in feet.


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    Hi @JarielJ

    Welcome to the Community! And, thank you for providing this detailed feedback for Samantha. I'll forward this to my team as an improvement request.

    Best, lampard
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