Loss of free updates/Inability to update TomTom Go 6200

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I appear to have lost my free updates on my TomTom GO 6200.

The last time I updated, according to my drive was 11 months ago since that time each time I try to log in to update I get an error message saying ‘oops unable to connect at this time try again later’.

I have carried out a factory reset but it makes no difference, still cannot update my maps.

I’m in the UK so it’s the, Uk, Ireland and European map and speed cameras I’m trying to update.

It looks like I could pay to update through my drive but as the unit is supposed to have free lifetime map updates I’m loathed to go down that route at present.

Can anyone help with this issue?


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    Hi @Alan1
    Welcome to the community! The services look okay for your GO 6200.
    Could you try using MyDrive Connect as an alternative to update the device? See steps in @YamFazMan's article here- https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/1133834/updating-a-tomtom-wi-fi-device-over-usb-using-the-mydrive-connect-menu-structure

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    Hi Vikram,

    Sorry to take so long to get back , I'll try what you suggest.

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    Afternoon Vikram,

    I was unable to do as you suggested however, I took my Tomtom GO 6200 to a network outside of my home network and was immediately able to download all of my outstanding updates

    Further investigation revealed that the Tomtom GO 6200 only works on 2.4ghz wireless connection. If your router is set to 5ghz and the 2.4 is turned off your Tomtom cannot see your WIFI network.

    Got home checked my BT home Hub to see that my 2.4ghz WIFI network was turned off.

    Turned it on and my Tomtom immediately picked up on the network and connected to the hub. I believe my problem is now solved.

    Just need to wait for the next update for conformation.

    Best regards