Why has tomtom blocked my emails when they have given me a faulty device.

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My first tomtom device stopped working but was within warranty. I was in contact with tomtom and even hand delivered my device to the repair place in Tottenham Victoria. They sent me a new device as the original one wasn’t able to be fixed. When I finally opened the new device the gps wouldn’t even turn on. I tried all the different resets but it just won’t work. I then contacted TOMTOM customer support again and they gave me an excuse saying it’s taking them a while to get the return shipping label. When I tried to email them back it said the chat was ended. I’ve tried to make various other chats but they keep saying I’ve got multiple chats open and then they end the chat, leaving me unable to contact them. I am extremely angry that this brand is trying to screw me over and not help me by refunding me when I have proof they are clearly in the wrong.


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    If the new device did not turn on, did you charge your GPS on a smartphone charger for 2 hours.