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I've had TomTom Go for Android for several years. On my Motorola G6, initially it worked fine when connected via Bluetooth to the radio in my Nissan Note. Since various updates occurred, there have been constant problems with audio: if Bluetooth is enabled, I could receive phone calls, but TomTom Go failed to provide audible guidance; if Bluetooth was disabled, I had audible guidance but couldn't receive handsfree phone calls. I now have a new Motorola G6S. All other apps seem to work fine. TomTom Go still has audio problems: with Bluetooth enabled, audible guidance volume is so low as to be useless; phone calls are adequate; with Bluetooth disabled, I can't receive handsfree phone calls, and audible guidance is on but extremely quiet. Life is too short to waste further time on this. For the foreseeable future I will, reluctantly be using Google Maps as my satnav and have cancelled my annual sub to TomTom Go. TomTom never seems to respond to consumer concerns. I have cancelled my subscription to TomTom Go. Customer service seems to be a foreign concept to many US companies. If you going to supply an Android product it needs to work slickly.


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    In TT GO App 3.3.86 choose a computer generated voice, but NOT a recorded one.
    You can then go back one step in the setup and check the voice+sound+outputchannel very easily

    BT channel setups incl. volume are stored separately in the car for every BT source ever connected.
    Delete all the old car - BT device connections, then reconnect your G6S.
    If you used e.g. BT ear-buds before do the same with all collected BT connections in the G6S.

    Next while there is an outgoing very low sound initiated by TT GO App to the car increase the volume by manual using the car's loudness volume control.