Diacritic characters in in an .ov2 file are mangled

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(the category should be MyDrive.TomTom)

I create my own .ov2 files using a Python script that I wrote.
I am using 'UTF-8' encoding for the name of the POIs (which should work - according to Customer Support - correctly for TomTom devices, using the MyDrive.TomTom web interface).
But diacritic characters are mangled in the process. When I encode the following POI:

Ivoševci lat 52.044755 lon 5.565493

The contents of the .ov2 file is:

and read that binary file back to a POI (again using 'UTF-8' in my script) I get the correct result.
when I use no encoding (just copy byte by byte to a string) I get the following result:

Ivoševci lat 52.044750 lon 5.565490

And that corresponds exactly with the POI that I see on the Go Essential screen. My conclusion is that somewhere between the MyDrive.TomTom and the GUI display of the Go Essential, there is a function that does not know about character encoding.