Let down again

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Last Friday I wanted to use the app to collect someone who had just had a pacemaker fitted. Upon opening the app it displayed that my subscription had ended and would not let me use it. My subscription is paid until 4th June and I had to use Waze.
Yesterday I wanted to use the app and again it failed on me. The screen said I had been logged out, I tried to log back in and every time it said I had entered the wrong details. The details are held in Lastpass and also in a notebook, I was entering the correct details, so for the second time in less than a week I was not getting what I had paid for and had to use Waze. This morning it would still not let me log in, and I ended up resetting my password to exactly what it was in the first place. I have been using TomTom for over fifteen years and the level and quality of service has never been so poor. The market for stand-alone units has all but disappeared and the way TT are behaving their app will go the same way. What are TT doing to cause these problems, and how are they going to fix them?


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    I don't know if this can solve your problem?
    Deleting the app on your phone
    reinstalled the app from the play store with the installed button.

    on the app would enter your login credentials.