Notice saying subscription expired when I have four months left

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Last Friday I wanted to use the app to collect someone who had just had a pacemaker fitted. Upon opening the app it displayed that my subscription had ended and would not let me use it. My subscription is paid until 4th June what is going on? I ended up using Waze which worked quite well, but what is going on with the app? The next day it let me use it without demanding money that I have already paid.


  • lampard
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    Hi @TheHood

    This is a bit odd, hope you're able to use the app now without any subscription notification?

    Best, lampard
  • TheHood
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    It seems to be working today, but this is yet another failing of a ruined product. There are so many errors with speed limits and an increasing number of time when I get bonged for going too fast when I can be as much as 16 mph below the speed indicated by the app. Being forced to use a free navigation app when TT failed yet again does not inspire me to remain loyal to TT. It was so much better before it was improved, but I am still awaiting an explanation of why it was demanding money four months before my subscription is due.