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hi all i really wanted to contact tomtom but couldnt find a way i have a go620 i think

anyways i tried the gpx for driving byways etc for a test and it shows the route how i planed it in tomtom perfectly but when i upload to device it makes its own route up missing half the places i want to try? is there a way or can it be implamented that this is where i want to go please route what i put? i tried putting device in walking and cycle but it just defaults back to fastest?

any help on this would be fab or if tomtom could look into this idea and make it an option would be great (i would imagine if it could be made an option that worked as i hoped there would be thousands of people running out to buy tomtoms)


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    Tomtom maps are designed to drive on paved roads, not on dirt roads, can the problem come from there?
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    well yes but it does state off road and on the nav its self it says use unpaved roads

    it states use gpx to get to places off road that arnt on map but it seams its just helpfull for 1 single place if it could show the route as planed you just need follow the line and not neccisarily need navigation just your gps location. this would be a huge hit for walkers and byway drivers