Stuck on Updating Device - resolved

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I have a TomTom Go 600 and MyDrive Connect version The memory card is showing 30GB free - much more than I need in actual fact. The device itself says 'Your computer and device are now connected!'.
In 'My Maps' in MyDrive Connect, there is an Update button for my active map - 'Europe + United Kingdom...'. When I click the Update button, it presents the 'Important information about your update' message, to which I click 'Agree And Install'.
On the next screen, the Download percentage takes a while to go from 0 to 100%. After this, it says 'UPDATING DEVICE - Keep your device connected and this app open while updating.' And then nothing happens, except there's a 'While you're waiting...' advert on the screen. There is no progress percentage being displayed, it's like it isn't doing anything. Nor does the device itself indicate that an update is occurring. I left it overnight, and in the morning it hadn't changed, it still says "UPDATING DEVICE". There is no exit/back/menu button or anything like that, so all I can do is close the window entirely. After reopening MyDrive Connect, the update is still showing as available. I repeat the same steps and get the same outcome, except this time the download itself is instant (as it's already downloaded on my computer) but again I am stuck on the 'UPDATING DEVICE' screen with no indication that any progress is being made. So I go into settings, 'Downloads' tab and click 'Empty download folder' (I checked to see the folder has been emptied). I close and reopen MyDrive Connect, and repeat the process. Same result. So I then tried to install a small map - Iraq - just to see if it worked. It downloaded and updated fine! Finally, I removed the 'Europe + United Kingdom...' map entirely, and then downloaded the 'Europe' map. It worked! I then uninstalled Iraq, and finally my device is all up to date, and the memory card is showing 22GB free. What a faff.
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