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Good morning, I'm new here, if this has to be done in another way, I'm sorry, I hope someone informs me and I'll modify it.

I bought a Rider 550 to travel with the motorcycle, the truth is that so far I am quite happy with the purchase, I have once played it in the Pyrenees but well it remains an adventure. The question is that I sign up for the "rider1000" event where you have a km challenge to complete in a few hours, they provide you with the route in GPX. MY route is divided into 8 parts, a file of these 8 does not leave me any way to download it, it is all on your website. . The file is the last one, Forcall – Tortosa, I have tried it in all formats, including in other formats and with a converter, but it always tells me: an error has occurred, it is not possible to load the file. the organization of the event tells me that it works, so I don't know what to do anymore, I don't know if someone can help me in any way.

On the other hand, the Aliaga to Forcall file lets me download it but when I give my rider to start it tells me that THERE IS NO POSSIBLE ROUTE, after looking at mydrive I realized that a road, specifically from Aliaga to Pitarque in the app yes it exists but in my rider 550 it doesn't, I have it updated I don't know if anyone knows how I could solve this because I think the tomtom sat doesn't exist.

Thank you all for your time
All the best.