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I have a Via 135 and via Amsterdam and talking with a tachnical representative (when you could!) I was sold the caravan and camper map to instal on my Via 135. In fact the dutch representative advised me to take back the Tom Tom I had purchased that week and exchange it for the Via 135 that would support the caravan and camper map
I gad the lifetime World Map update included in that purchase. Now, even though I have increased the memory using a micro memory card. I am being advised that I have to purchase a new Tom Tom if I want an updated caravan and camper map. Effectively they have just scrapped my Tom Tom.
We use our caravan twice a year for holidays in the UK. So it is not as though we are a business using a truck or a wagon that needs advance warning of narrow roads etc. So my question is, if I have increased the memory capability on the Via 135 which still works fine on just the car map. Why are Tom Tom denying me a UK map update for the Caravan and Camper map that they suggested I ourchase directly from Holland?
I wish someone from Tom Tom and not India could answer this question.


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    "I HAD the lifetime World Map",
    And "they advised me to purchase" mistakes sorry.
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    Motorhome cards are not for life on the Via 135 every year you must buy a new card.

    To have lifelong motorhome maps, you must purchase the Go Camper GPS.
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    I thought I had explained that I did not purchase a motorhome map? Via Holland they sent me a caravan and camper map. I was not sold a motorhome map. And why would a motorhome map include a caravan? Was it perhaps a caravan, camping and mororhome map? I am again somewhat confused as to why you would need anything other than an updated caravan and camper map. Even if the road networks were the only thing they need to update! The caravan specifics you enter manually each time you change the van (if you do and we have not) So they are well aware of the new and or changed existing roads and that is all we need to know really. So I assume the updated UK map would suffice. Unless of course you want to make more money out of the caravan and camping fraternity....
    I still fail to see why they sell you a map for a caravan route if it needs to be purchased every year when you may only use it for two or four daysvthst being getting to a caravan site and back home again... That is pure lunacy and should be in large warning letters on the sales invoice. A nice scam if you can get it....I think Mr Garmin is going to get a visit or indeed my Pixel 5 Maps may do the same thing but not ask me to change the phone if I need to use it for 4 days in a year...
    It also seems to me that this site and it's cotributors are somewhat "in tune" with Tom Tom's philosophy...
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    when did you talk to tomtom representative
    tomtom has not phone support 2 years since
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    Irrespective of the tine frame, I used the map for two holidays, each of 14 day duration during the same year of ownership of the map. Each trip entailed a 4 hour road journey to the caravan site (approx) and a four hour journey back to home. Thus in that year, I used the map for 16 hours. I am now advised that I should have " expected" to purchase another map for the following year in which we took our two trios with the caravan
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    Wow that looks remarkably like value for money...even the offer to change the Tom Tom device for a different model the following year because the map ran out after 16 hours of use?? Come on real people..This is robbery. And somewhat screams of a scam.
    The sensible thing would be to hire a map out per week don't you think?? Especially for the elderly who tend to use caravans for a couple of weeks a year.
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    When you weight up the hidden cost of having a caravan sat on the drive for 337 days doing now't :o
    The Tomtom map subscription seems like peanuts ;)

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    How would one "weight up" a caravan unless you had a weigh bridge in the front of your house? Your response I would think comes from a person who wears a Tom Tom tee shirt 365 days of the year.
    It has nothing to do with balancing a purchase of one item against the value of being ripped off by Tom Tom. What next? Are you going to advise folk that they should "gleefully" accept another fuel price hike because they own an expensive car??? How silly to travel along life's rocky path thinking like that...Anyway .that's a Tom Tom fan for you. Well, that is if you have the equiptment to "weight up" the situation carefully.
    Thank you for your kind but somewhat bemusing response.
    I must remember to consider the Chef's knife I own and simply accept that the price of lamb is really expensive now..
    Thank you for letting me know how I consider other items I have that have nothing to do with a Tom Tom scheme.