How do I connect MyDrive Connect with Go Navigation App for iPhone?

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When I launch MyDrive Connect on my Windows 10 PC it wants me to add my first device to use with MyDrive Connect. When I click on Add a Device it takes me to a screen to connect a physical TomTom device but I do not have one. I simply use the TomTom Go Navigation app on my phone. It doesn't seem to give any options to do this. How do I resolve this?


  • Willy875
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    MyDrive Connect is not compatible with the Go Navigation app for iPhone.

    This is the Mydrive application that you must download to your Iphone.
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    Hi @papachanbob

    I wonder if you are confusing the My Drive Connect Software which is used on a PC to update TT devices and the My Drive website where you can create Routes or find destinations and send them to your TT device. The latter works with TT Go Navigation App in that you can create a route on the My Drive Website and if you ave it there in My Routes then you can sync the route to the App to use whenever you want to use. it.