Tom tom 620 for trucks vs buses

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Starting a topic on heavy vehicles (particularly driving a bus / coach), I bought this unit as you can specify your driving a bus!
So far I have found the navigation does not happen on bus friendly routes - simply it says your route uses roads that are not compatible with your vehicle dimensions. The route includes bus friendly route, and also for any heavy vehicle if you have a destination / pickup on this road then by law you are legally able to drive on it.
2. The Bluetooth, my wish is that you can listen to and speak to tom tom through the Bluetooth, for any heavy vehicle driver it is fairly impossible to adequately speak to tom tom when the unit is on the windscreen an arm's length or more away.
3. Anything other than a car, there is no 40 km school zones given - this is dangerous and the reason many people are drawn to use navigation so your not caught out speeding. This needs to be fixed which I have tried to bring up but nothing has been done about it.
4. And finally when you are drawing up a route with stops using my drive, I would like to save this as such with my routes on the unit. You send your route, when you turn on the unit it will navigate including stops but this route disappears once finished. You can send it to your device as a track with no stops which will save, but wouldn't it be better if you can save the route not just the track?
I'm wanting to see who responds?