Caravan route maps

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Is it possible to upload the caravan routes to the GO 6200


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    With Mydrive you can create and download a caravan route, however on your Go you will not be notified on your route
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    Hi @Rewerba

    If you mean can you add the Camper Maps to your GO6200 and so create/follow routes suitable for a Caravan/Camper then the answer is that TT say they do not support such action. TT say that the maps in the map shop are for Camper devices and you have to pay for updates annually if you want them. Whilst purchasing a Camper unit is more expensive you do get Lifetime Maps including the car based maps you have on your GO6200.

    Regarding @Willy875 ’s post you can create routes suitable for Caravans/Camper in MyDrive however for them to appear on your GO6200 exactly as created then you must save them to My Routes and Sync them to your device. Routes done this way are fixed and your unit will not respond to and traffic data or and change you decide.