East london postcodes not recognised

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Hi, My husbands Go 5200 sat nav is fully updated , but is still not recognising a lot of East london postcodes ?? can anyone help please ?


  • YamFazMan
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    Can you give a few examples? without disclosing personal data/info....

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  • crule
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    a couple he gave me are E6 7ER & E6 6JF
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    Hi @crule

    I find E6 6JF as Claps Gate Lane on my GO 5200 but not E6 7ER which is for a large Shopping centre Gallions Reach Shopping Park
    Armada Way London E6 7ER.

    Maybe @vikram could raise the omission with the relevant department.

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    I get similar results on my Go Premium / Go Camper finding E6 6JF as Claps Gate Lane but not E6 7ER, i.e. all devices using the "Classic maps".

    However on all my NDS based map Devices/ Apps both post codes are correctly identified.

    It does appear that TomTom is not updating or ensuring consistency with the "Classic Maps" and tending to concentrate on the NDS version maps.

    I have seen other evidence where a NDS map has had corrections made and the same error on a Classic map for example on my Go Camper many months later has not - and wonder if this is the beginning for TomTom to stop supporting our Classic Map devices, as they now appear to be concentrating on NDS mapping!!!

    @VikramK Can this be reported back to the relevant team please?
  • VikramK
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    Thanks, I will send this one to the team.
    @crule, are there more examples for post codes (East London) that don't work ?