Use TomTom Subscription from Android on iPhone

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Hi there. I purchased the TomTom go app last year and this was used on an Android phone. I recently switched to an iPhone and automatically moved all my details from the android to the iPhone. Today I noticed that the app says that I have 3 days left before I need to update to a subscription plan. I’m already in one but can’t get any details and can’t get any response from TomTom support. Any ideas?


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    Did you buy the app from the Play Store? or on the Tomtom store.

    If you bought the application on the play store it is not possible to transfer the subscription to an iphone.

    you need to download the app from apple store and buy it.
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    Looks like I’ll be using Waze or Google maps then. Why should I pay twice, I’ve still got until August to run plus the price I’ve been asked for is about 40% more expensive. I’ll be surprised if they’re still in business this time next year with practices like that. They can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!