Purchased a updated map and downloaded it straight to my sd card but it hasn't worked

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I purchased the update for my carminat sd card and tried to download it straight to the card but it hasn't worked and I can't find the link to do it again as i can only find the invoice for purchasing it. I was using my windows laptop which i now know that i should of downloaded it to that instead of direct to my sd card so does this mean i would have to purchase it all over again as i had 4 times a year updates. Not very technical and the updates on my sd card still show as 2009 :-( or is there somewhere i can find the link again as I have already paid?


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    If you connect your SD to your Tomtom Home account you will need to find your card
    but you must first delete the map on your computer before re-downloading it.

    Your new map may have been downloaded to the SD, have you thought about changing the map in the settings?

    To install a map on the SD you must use the Tomtom Home software to perform the update
    don't understand how you could install a map on the SD with a link.