Start 25 M doesn't connect to PC anymore for updating

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I want to update the EU map of my Start 25M system but can't connect to via MyDriveConnect anymore. The system goes to System is updating Waiting for the system (green dots running). That takes a while and than nothing and I'm kicked out.
I've the latest update of MyDriveConnect. Reconnected several times. Cleared the Cache already and reset my Navigation device (20 sec on/of button and did a restart)
Problem remains
What's going on here ?? How to solve this and update the map on my Start 25M ? Please help or advise ! Thanx


  • rider1rider
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    check firewall and av
  • Jos_M
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    Thanks for your feedback, but can you pls give more details? Like, how to check my firewall and what to do with this to make it work etc. ? And what is 'av' ?
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    I refer to Jos M.'s request:
    what needs to be done with the firewall and anti-virus in order to be able to connect the device correctly to the PC and be able to update it?

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    You must authorize the Mydrive connect application to communicate through the firewall.

    Also check your USB cable.

    See also this FAQ > The navigation device does not connect to the computerà-l-ordinateur-MyDrive-Connect-