Has anyone else had problems with a Fiat Uconnect5 not being able to find satellites?

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My head unit in my Fiat Ducato motorhome went into the Fiat Professional dealer because you couldn't select DAB on the radio. There are three buttons AM, FM and DAB to select the three bands but when you pressed DAB nothing happened. It had been OK previously. I did some Google research and people said it needed a firmware update. This was done by the dealer and fixed the DAB problem. Unfortunately the satnav now can't see any satellites. It is constantly telling me that it is searching for a location. The dealer Motus Commercials and Fiat both seem to be completely stumped and they says it's never happened before etc. I spoke to a car audio specialist and he said that he thought either the firmware update hadn't installed correctly or they had installed the wrong update maybe for a head unit that din't have the satnav option. Help!!!