My Traffic is not working

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I have 3 TomTom's GO 6000,GO and TomTom GO Expert / GO Discover 7" and traffic is not working on any of them, I thought i had lifetime traffic, when I looked on one of them it said expired so I went and bought the subscription and still no traffic !!! most upset !!!


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    Tomtom GO Expert / GO Discover 7 must connect a smartphone to receive Tomtom traffic.

    Go 6000 Factory reset the device.

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    Tomtom GO Expert / GO Discover do not have a built-in SIM Card....
    In your profile or in your Posts, you haven't stated the location of your Home Country ???
    Belgium is having problems with the 2G Network (Known Bug) Australia & Switzerland have turned off the 2G Network...

    Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi @tonez

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    Could you send me the serial number of the device through a private message by clicking on this link- , please ?

    Thanks, Vikram