MyDriveConnect updating issues and no TomTom Support

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I have been having issues, for quite a while, where MyDriveConnect says I have an update, I install the update. I check my content and it says I have an update waiting. this goes on as many times as I feel energetic to do. but I never get the notice that my device is up to date. I have set the device back to factory settings. I have done the hard reboot. I have uninstalled the program many, many times and still the same thing happens. I have sent logs and anything else I can think of but no one responds to the emails. I have messengered someone in Facebook but I get ghosted there too. It seems that either no one at TomTom knows how to support their product or no one works there anymore. I keep getting ads to upgrade to a newer model. With product support like this do you think that will ever happen? Does anyone actually know how to fix this pig so it will receive, install, and indicate that the device is actually up to date? Perhaps someone need to actually update the MyDriveConnect program because that is where the problem lies. I think it is still set to run no Windows ME.


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    Hi, I would not take much notice of MyDrive Connect re updates. I have 50 updates showing (maps). My device is up-to-date and it is not shown as up-to-date at MyDrive Connect. On your device check>Menu>Settings>Updates and and new items. It will show you if your device is up-to-date (actually it will show you any updates before you get there)
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    Well thanks for the response, but my device does not have that option in the settings section. So no joy for that one.