Lifetime map updates expired

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I have 2 TomTom Start 20 devices. One updates just fine. It has the latest United States map (v1085.11317 with release date 1/2022). The other one says it is up to date but that the lifetime map subscription is expired. The United States map is v1075.11005 with release date 7/2021. I can't get the latest update in MyDrive Connect.

Can someone help me with the second one so I can get the latest update and the account doesn't say my map subscription is expired? Thanks.


  • Willy875
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    Check back tomorrow, moderator @VikramK will review your account and assign the service to you.
  • VikramK
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    Hi @donzi544
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    We did some changes in the backend, could you check for updates now?

  • donzi544
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    Hi Vikram,

    I was able to update my map to v1085. Thank you!

    I do have 2 US maps on the TomTom now however. One is United States. That one has the latest update (v.1085). The other map is United States Zone. It still has the old version (v1075). Is there any difference between the two? If not, I'll probably just delete the United States Zone map.