What is wrong with your devices?

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on my go expert truck I have a notification that there are 39 updates available but upon going into the update settings there are none! I have also noted, as I drive around London a lot, that your device does not like London and fails to stop me in my truck from going down roads that have a time restricted weight limit and has caused me several PCN's of £65 each! I also note that having paid £350 for this device you do not give a toss and your customer service is rubbish! Roads are changing daily, laws and rules have changed significantly recently and as a navigation supply company you really ought to be on top of all this and not lagging behind causing us professional drivers who rely on your devices for our work to be getting fined because you are not updating te devices in good time. we pay a lot of money for these devices and frankly it's not worth it, Garmin are outshining you at every turn... so... sort it out or lose customers...


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    Did you check for updates when the device is connected to wifi and not when a cable is connected?
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    Hi Dary104, I have a Go 5200 WiFi so it may be a bit different from yours! My device show it is is up-to-date, but on TomTom MyDrive Connect there are 50 updates available. These are as far as I can see are maps of the world. Maybe, you could check with MyDrive Connect. You can report map errors at https://www.tomtom.com/mapshare/tools/new/mapshare/#loc=53.82380,-1.57280,15 Not sure that it will help with daily changes!! Cheers