Keyboard not available in CarPlay

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When I am in Caplay with a usb connection when I go to search it tells me keyboard not available. Why is this


  • lampard
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    Hi @Swannie70

    Welcome to the Community! Are you getting a message 'Keypad access is limited'? This is a limitation imposed by the automaker, each automaker/head-end developer decides whether to impose this limit on the device. See here

    Best, lampard
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    Apple iPhone 12
    Apple iOS 15.4
    Tomtom Go 3.0.1

    I can't use the onscreen keyboard to search for a location to navigate to. The error shows when i am standing still. Because of this error i am forced to use my cellphone to enter an address.
    How can i turn on the on screen keyboard again?
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    This is an aftermarket radio (Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB) and it worked before...