Fake TomTom website?

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Is there a fake TomTom website or is a subsidiary of TomTom ripping off their customers? On Friday 11 February 2022 I tried to update my TomTom maps on my Smart 520 without success. I found the genuine TomTom support website via TomTom.com and opened their Chat line. I explained the problem and was told their technical support would ring me back as the Chat operator couldn't sort it. 5 minutes later a man called Daniel rang me back. I had not given him any details at that stage but he was able to connect to the Satnav. He told me that my satnav and computer were affected by a Worm Virus and that was why I couldn't update. He asked for remote access (which for the first time in over 40 years computing) I stupidly gave him, He started changing settings so I told him to stop, He said if he did my computer would fail. He offered 3 packages of support which would solve this: 1 year support and map updates for £199.99 + VAT, 2 years £299, 3 years £399 or lifetime for £499. I told him this was ridiculous and then decided it was a scam so cut off the link. My computer then shut down and wouldn't restart.
Many hours later I had re-installed my software from another computer and have now sorted it.
I believe that TomTom use external technicians for support who are ripping off their customers. I am 100% certain is wasn't a fake site,
I had a similar situation with a Hotpoint dishwasher and rang the support number on my Hotpoint user manual, but I ended up talking to Domestic and General who do their repair cover. After many minutes of trying to get me to pay for further cover as I hadn't used the official; Hotpoint powder I told them it would be cheaper to buy a new dishwasher. They hung up then tried to bill me for the cover,
I trusted TomTom thinking it was a reputable company - big mistake.


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    Yes, there are fake Tomtom websites and you have come across fake Tomtom website since COVID 19 there is no phone line anymore.

    How to contact customer service.

    How to contact TomTom customer support by chat or email

    How to contact TomTom customer support by email
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    Hi @torchie

    As had been said you have definitely been on to a scam site particularly as TT do not have a phone line service for support and they do not take over customers computers.

    If you search on this forum you will find posts from others who have had the same experience including details of some of the sites concerned.

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    This was the web page that I visited - https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-gb Looks genuine to me.
    Unless there is some sort of scam involving their staff - it is easy to blame a scam site. This one is first on a Google search so TomTom should be getting it taken down,
    The first contact was made by the chat line then they asked for my phone number so that "technical support" could ring me. I did not download the chat contents as my computer went wrong then.