Parts of map missing in England

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Trying to put in an address in Leeds and couldn't find. Ended up using Google maps. Tried to pin when I got to location and it didn't show up. Big part of that part of England missing? How would you report to Tom Tom as a fault?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @scooterjim

    Have you downloaded all three the Uk Maps.

  • Hpb37
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    I've just cancelled the trial for the same reason. Putting postcodes in and not finding address. Yesterday, was searching for a National Trust property (Newark Park). OK not all NT places are listed by name but I should have been able to find the postcode. It came up with lots of other locations with the same last 3 letters but not the one I was looking for. Tried the village where it is located (Ozleworth) and got streets called Ozleworth but not Ozleworth itself. Then tried another nearby location Frocester. No. Tried another location (Berkeley). No. Street names with Berkeley in but not Berkeley. Same today looking for Newnham in Gloucestershire.

    I have checked settings and maps. No clues and no maps to add or update.