CarPlay day/night switch with dashboard lights

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I am using CarPlay in automatic light/dark switch mode and it is very important especially when driving through tunnels or any sudden drops in ambient lighting in order not to blind the driver.

It is working perfectly fine for all apps except TomTom Go as it uses a time fixed switch. I even tried Waze, Google Maps, etc. and they all change between day/night mode when the dashboard/headlight light up automatically in darker situations, or when it is off in high intensity light situations.

As now almost all other CarPlay capable navigation apps have implemented that, I was wondering if that function is on your roadmap? And if not, I think it should be, due to the increased safety and usability that it brings to your CarPlay implementation.

I think the implementation should also be rather simple as switch flag/trigger is already received by CarPlay and used by all other apps.



  • lampard
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    Thank you @Eldewy! I'll forward this as a feature request to the product team.

    Best, lampard