Device crashes when logged into mydrive

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Device crashes when logged into mydrive,once logged out it runs great ,any ideas?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Fredashton
    Welcome to the community!
    That's a known issue, and we have a ticket opened for investigation.
    At the moment, the workaround is to log out of MyDrive when the sync function (Routes/My Places) is not needed.

  • Lost_Soul
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    Well I guess this is some form of progress to have Tomtom acknowledge the fault as shortly after the 21.100 mandatory software update released at the end of September 2021 both my Go Campers and Go Premium X started to randomly reboot whilst driving and the already lengthy lag between selecting a menu and the screen changing (like watching paint dry!) became even more erratic.

    Attempting to deactivate My Drive synchronization as suggested is not really possible due to the devices constantly rebooting and the lack of response to the Menu presses plus my normal mode is to plan my routes in MyDrive (web PC) and send the stops to my device as I found this was the only means to avoid lengthy waiting times attempting to set a destination on the devices!!


    Has the cause of the problems introduced by the 21.100 mandatory software update been identified and when will a further correction update be released?
  • Greg999
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    Thanks for raising this. Mine does exactly the same. If I log out, everything is fine. Log in to mydrive and it crashes. Hopefully a fix will be found soon?
  • Plog
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    Problem exist already more then 3 months. Soooon !!! 🤔
  • Routier_Lubbert
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    I had this problem also. I made a new account with different email and problem solved.