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Persistant and direct-to-me advertising of the TomTom App for Android 'phones finally convinced me, as a 20+yrs user of stand-alone TomTom devices, to download the App onto my Motorola g50 phone.
Installation was fine and all features seem to function as advertised on the tin. Connecting to Android Auto in my Subaru was also pain free.
But, Oh dear ...!
The features are not intuitive in their use and do not resemble the features on stand-alone devices at all closely.
Planning a route is tedious by this comparison, even just a basic A-to-B. But then adding intermediate stops is tedious and its insistance on using GPS locations for points picked from the map, rather than accepting firm, true postal address corrections is a pain.
The audible directions which are the primary travel need is far too quet, even with the phone control set to its maximum. (N.B. no such limitation using Google Maps, which I have also evaluated).
But the final straw, after evaluating it on short trips, is the clutter of a USB cable draped over the instrument binnacle or centre console and its getting in the way of other controls and the transmission selection lever; deciding where to place the phone and how to secure it out of sight of the windscreen, peering policemen and nare-do-wells.
The tedium of having to connect and disconnect the phone every time I get in and out of my car is a real bug-bear and will eventually damage the delicate USB-C connector on the phone.
I uninstalled the App after 24 hrs and will stick with my stand-alone GO 6000.


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    I use a magnetic USB cable. In my phone is only a little connector. I click the cable on this connector when placing it in the car holder.
    No more damaged USB sockets and easer than plugging in the connector.
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    I have to use the mobile app even though I have a Go6200 as the Go6200 can't fit on my windscreen (due to the design of windscreen and TomTom don't do an extended windscreen holder) where I want it without causing an obstruction and the built-in TomTom on my car is useless and out of date and not willing to pay £100 for one map only and then having to pay on top for the traffic services.

    Luckily my car has android auto so my phone sits in the tray under the dash and connected via usb so no unsightly cables about (which I would have if used the Go6200).

    Benefits off using mobile version over a PND are
    • easier to update
    • can use speed cameras from other companies (which are updated more often)
    • single device use
    • subscription can work out cheaper than a standalone unit
    • can use phone as dashcam if needed (third party app)

    Con of mobile version
    • requires internet for licence checks (so app may not run if no internet)
    • no voice commands ability
    • limited information on screen (ie route, notifications, etc, etc)
    • if you change phones (ie android to iphone) you need a new subscription
    • saving locations etc can only be done via the phone and not android auto screens
    • more hassle to locate somewhere or create a route
    • doesn't always work with MyDrive

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    The tedium of having to connect and disconnect the phone every time I get in and out of my car is a real bug-bear and will eventually damage the delicate USB-C connector on the phone.
    That's one of the reasons that I don't regret very much that my car doesn't have AA connectivity, no less important are the lacks of some functionalities in AA mode - mainly route bar which for me is one of greatest features of TTGo. Using application on phone screen I don't need to connect it to anything for daily use - only on long trips I need to connect charger. TTGo works for me very, very good although improvements are welcome. And I don't need extra device just for navigation (which also needs power supply - so needs cable). I've used couple of nav. software before (always on the phone) and nowadays TTGo seems to be the best for me.