Replacing watch to keep data?

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Hi I've had a spark 3 for about 6 years and the battery is now failing. I've purchased a second hand one as I don't want to replace the battery myself! If I register it onto my connect account will it just carry on where my old one left off or is there something else I would have to do to retain all of my past data


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    Yes it will.
    Go TomTom Sports Connect, do a factory reset with your new device and then it will ask you to register your product.
    When you do so under your own account it will merge all data smoothly.

    I did so after my Runner 2 fell on a hard floor and the little crack in the corner made it lose water resistance.
    Bought a secondhand Runner 3 and now both are used and data saved in the same account.
    One for the gym and one for outside.