Rider 500 vs Rider 550. When new Rider?

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Hi. I am thinking of buying a Rider. The only difference apart from the maps in the 500 and 550 is the Points of Interest feature for motorcyclists. What are these places and are you using and satisfied with this feature ???

Second question, is there any information when the next generation tom tom rider is to come out?


  • RoadRider
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    The Rider 550 has also world maps. The 500 only for example Europe maps if you buy it in Europe.
    The motorcyclist points of interest are just a nice to have when you looking for a lunch location or motorhotel to meet other motorcyclists.

    TomTom never revealed any new product information before the official launch. Up till now all recent Riders are introduced at the Dutch “Motorbuers Utrecht”. This years edition is canceled due to COVID and was planned at the end off this month. So when there is no news before April I don’t expect a new Rider this year.