Updates Destroyed Maps

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I updated my maps about two weeks ago in preparation for a road trip in New Zealand.
I don't use the device at home, so I simply packed it and took it on the trip.
Upon collecting the hired car at the airport, I tried to use the recently updated device.
It was unable to identify ANY addresses in New Zealand, including my home address!
It finds addresses only in Australia, about 3000km of sea water away!
Even the vague map outline shows North Island and South Island joined, which they very much are not!

Previous map updates have never done this; the device always defaulted to the current location.

Why did this failure occur?
How can I ensure that future updates will leave the device in New Zealand?
And most urgently, how do I restore the device to operate in New Zealand?


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    I think you have several cards installed on the Start 60 have you looked to change the cards?
  • Tom_x2_5tuff5_Around
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    I have never touched any cards, it's just as it was purchased.

    However, I have just found the setting to change the map to New Zealand (it was Australia).

    But I have no clue how to stop that happening in future updates. I didn't even know that the maps had to be chosen. I expected it to figure out where I am, which is the purpose of a SatNav after all, and present the correct map if it's loaded. Stupid not to do that.
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    Welcome to the site....
    If you travel a long distance and then then turn your Navigation device on, the device will need to obtain a Satellite 1st lock
    Once the device has received a Satellite lock for your new location, the device will know your new present location....
    Smart 60 ??? did you mean Start 60
    What are the 1st 2 characters of the serial number ??? (Only post the 1st 2 Characters)
    The first two letters define the Tomtom Model....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
  • Tom_x2_5tuff5_Around
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    Thanks, ATB YFM
    Sorry, yes, it's a Start 60! (Wish it was smart! hehe)

    I realise that it needs to lock and then track. This was after it was turned on (it does nothing when off). I've taken it on flights before and it's always powered up fine and locked accurately when I've used it at those destinations. This trip was the first where it played up.

    The immediate problem was self-sorted (I found the setting that changes the maps). It's the prevention of that happening going forward that would be good to know. It worked fine before, just the latest update did that.