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I've noticed that I'm getting new map updates about every week which is a bit of a pain having to keep updating it so how come it's not only 4 times a year like it was on my previous devices


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    Regular updates on the maps are fantastic.
    A lot can, and does, change in 3-months.
    If you don't like it, don't update your device ... simples!
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    GO Discover & Go Expert only...
    Deleting all Maps using the Reset Maps Option....
    I have always had the full Western Europe Map installed on My GO Discover, but I got fed-up of manually installing the individual countries Maps using Wi-Fi....
    So, I decided to 'Reset' (Remove) the Maps and only installed the UK Map....

    Reset the map and install the UK Map....
    (1)... Tap on the 3 line 'Hamburger Icon' --> Setting --> System --> Reset map....
    (2)... Read the on-screen 'Warning' and follow the on-screen 'Instructions'
    (3)... When the Map has been 'Reset'
    (4)... The device reports --> The map is reset, Your device must be restarted --> Tap 'OK' --> The device restarts....
    (5)... The device reports... 'You need to add at least one Map area to start' + 'Add map area' --> Tap 'Add map area' button
    (6)... Tap 'Add' Button (Screen bottom right)
    (7)... Scroll to 'Europe' and select Europe
    (8)... Scroll to UK and select UK
    (9)... Tap 'Download (1)' (Number obviously varies with the number of Maps selected)
    (10)... The Device downloads the UK Map
    (11)… The device reports Adding changes to Map
    (12)… The device opens the normal startup screen... Latest UK Map installed OK...

    You can of course install as many other Counties Maps from the World Map collection as you require :)

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    I have 2 Go Discover devices - a 6" and a 7". None of them have a Reset Maps option. Under settings, I only have Reset Device.
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    My Go Discover / Expert has no reset map option as I believe the "reset map" option will only appear if there is a 'problem' with a map or regions and this option will then allow you to recover a base map for your device.

    Assuming you have no map issues with your device, I removed the unneeded maps by choosing Settings - Map & Display -Downloaded Maps - Chose the Delete Button at the bottom - tick all the countries you wish to delete............... then the Delete Button at the Bottom Right.